Frequently Asked Questions:

Why not just use BQE Core?

  BQE Core is a fantastic software created specifically for architects, however, the pricing structure is more than we’re willing to   invest currently. As a principal of a firm the cost is $89/month (all 4 modules combined) in order to be able to see all the data that we’d need.  Additionally, we’d have to pay for a license for each subcontractor we’d like to share information with which   would not be financially sustainable at this time.  Smartsheet give us the flexibility to share information at the price point we like.

  • How long will I have access to the course?

Lifetime access.

•Can someone from your team set this system up for us?

  Yes. If you select that option.

Get project information out of your head and into a system that is available for your entire staff to see … or just the staff you want to see it.




•No more asking did we already:

  • Send those drawings

  • Submit that report]

  • Invoice that client?

  • Save yourself the energy of having to remember what’s been done or having to interrupt people’s work flow to answer a questions that could’ve been recorded.

  • Minimize interruptions – people can check and see what they’re to be working on.

  • Add comments on the task row so everyone can communicate

  • A better way to get insight into your business. Having data is one thing actually being able to interpret the data is another

  • Use it to track billables/income if your current software can’t

  • Eliminate siloed spreadsheets so everyone is on the same page.

  • saved me time

  • I know how to answer different questions & where to look

  • Not having to look in 15 different places and spend energy to remember

  • Faster onboarding for new staff

  • Company portfolio

  • Less confusion

  • More inclusion about company project schedule

  • Can see what consultants we’re working with

  • Able to communicate better

  • One place to track general project process (comments section of current projects report)

  • All items needed to succesffully run the project are hyperlinked, up to date and everyone has access to the same sheet. (no need for duplicate spreadsheets to see what’s current)






  • Keeping the system (any system) updated is the challenge:

  • Utilize admin

  • Outsource (VA: Chris Ducker’s course)

  • Develop system to get tasks updated so you’re working with the current info

  • Not fully integrated with our financial system

  • Info changes quickly and being able to update the information once so we’re not far behind makes a big difference

  • User interface not aesthetically pleasing but still functions.